Daedalus 1.4 upgrade stuck at 44% for 8 hours

Currently 36 hours into the 1.4 upgrade on an older laptop with I5 processor and standard HD. 8 hours ago I was at 44% and that is where it is at still. All antivirus is off. Task manager shows some, but little activity. Hardly any disk activity for Daedalus at 0.1MB/s. Not sure if I should keep it running or reboot and try restarting. Any ideas?

What worked for me when it was stuck is allow all instances of cardano-node through the firewall.

I checked the firewall and all my Cardano-node instances we’re checked to allow private, but not public. I added public.

Woke up to my laptop having rebooted itself in the night. Turned off antivirus again and restarted. Back at 44%, but at least the hard drive indicator is blinking full blast again. I guess we’ll see if it stays stuck there or not.

I’m at 68 hours of 100% disk activity and still the 1.4 update says 44%. It’s doing something, but really, really slowly. I wonder if I could have just deleted everything, download and installed 1.4 and restored my wallet faster than this update is taking.

Task Manager (right-click on task bar) will confirm whether cardano-node is causing all that disk activity or not. Also, might be worth double checking that AV is really off.

Yes, confirmed. I am continuing to let it run; more out of curiosity than anything else. Since cardano-node is responsible for all the memory and disk activity, I suspect the UX is not updating the % and I won’t know that until it changes, reports 100% instantaneously, or crashes. Thanks for keeping up with these posts!


If you have a backup of your recovery seed you can also just delete everything and download the whole blockchain again. It looks like corrupt blockchain data on your disk could cause such a problem as well.

Hi JSCS, I am just curious, how much % full is your hard drive and how much RAM does your computer have? Or better yet, percent RAM consumed? I am wondering if certain hardware factors are causing more file swapping.

Here is an article I just looked up for reference (but it says the page file slowdown is a myth). https://www.howtogeek.com/126430/htg-explains-what-is-the-windows-page-file-and-should-you-disable-it/

I just remember my windows computer getting a little slower when doing heavy tasking and using a high %RAM and %CPU…

Good luck,

I just started and my install and got hung up. I stopped Daedalus closed the program and restarted it and it seems to be progressing again. I did not reboot.

My laptop has 4GB RAM, with Daedalus using 385 MB. HD storage is 500GB with 185GB still free.

Woke up this morning to still 44% showing. There is no HD activity, but Task Manager says Daedalus is using 345MB RAM still. I clicked View, Reload. It reconnected, but no HD spin. Daedalus Network status is all green. Just that pesky “Wallet restoration is in progress: 44%” and spinning circles.

Similar spec here, except an SSD, smaller and with less free space. It took about 24 hours. It did stick at one point but that was fixed by making an exception rule for cardano-node in Windows Defender Firewall and restarting the node.

Thanks all for the continued support. I just submitted a support request to Cardano as well, but the auto-responder says they are out until Dec. 28th.

I think there is just an issue with the User interface not updating to 1.4 because it still says Daedalus (0.12.0#, even though I suspect the new database structure was completed. It was my understanding that the old version had files for every block (1.5 million of them) and the new 1.4 version uses epochs. I don’t have 1.5 million files. I uploaded a PNG file of my DB-1.0 folder in AppData/Roaming/Daedalus to https://bit.ly/2GPqSBJ if someone can compare to their 1.4 upgrade. I have 180 files in the epoch folder.