Daedalus 2.0.1 - Funds Transfer on Wallet Shelley

Hello Community!
Do you think this problem of the “unrecognized” spending password can be solved with a new release of a Daedalus Mainnet improved by the developers or will it persist always and in any case?
The move to Shelley, it all seemed very simple and well planned …
Until that moment I felt that the Daedalus Wallet was very well functioning and safe. Transactions made have never failed. But then creating the new Wallet the passage of the Funds ran aground on the unrecognized Password.
Do you have any opinions on the subject?
Thank you for your attention!

When creating a new wallet a new password is required.

Thank you very much, for your kind reply RobJF.
Unfortunately I tried several times creating at least 4 New Wallets and 4 related passwords. But in any case the result was always the same “Wrong Password Wallet”.
Now a doubt arises: The “Wallet Password” coincides with the “Spending Password”. Quite right? I guess that’s it … in any case, whether it’s called Wallet Password or Spending Password, the funds transfer does not take place because it is not recognized in any way.
I await developments …

OK I was a little bit confused there, it will be the old Byron wallet password that’s required for the transfer.

Dear robyJF,
Probably the team of developers are working to quickly solve some problems on the Mainnet Daedalus 2.0.1 and now I am very happy to be able to still move my ADA funds.
Your indication was enlightening and I wanted to try again.
Thank you very much for answering and helping me. I hope it’s a useful topic for some other novice users like me too!

With regard,

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