Daedalus 2.0 restore shelley wallet

I want to restore my Daedalus wallet for the Shelley Mainnet, but the option is greyed out after I installed the application.
I installed Daedalus 2.0, created a new mainnet wallet (Shelley), transferred my funds from my Byron Wallet to the Shelley Wallet and then my pc crashed… so I took my recovery phrase and wanted to restore my wallet.

What can I do now as the option is greyed out?

This is answered multiple times.
It needs to fully sync first…

Based on Sebastien’s latest video about Yoroi light wallet. There’s still Cardano API capabilities that need to be delivered before light wallets have feature parity with Daedalus.

I recommend this whiteboard session to learn more:

My Deadalus is 100% synced… I created a new Shelly Wallet but wanted to test the restore wallet function first before I was going to send funds from my Byron Wallet… So I deleted the New Shelly Wallet. but when I try to restore the Shelly Wallet I created… and on Step 3 after entering the Spend Password clicking on the continue button does nothing… I have had nothing but issues with Deadalus… from the get go… :frowning:

Make sure your spending password meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of Daedalus. I feel like it took me a few times to create a spending password that was long enough.