Shelly Wallet Missing in Daedalus 2.1

When launching Dedalus 2.0 I was prompted to Update to Daedalus 2.1 first. After launching 2.1 The newly created Shelley Wallet from 2.0 no longer shows. It displays my legacy wallet and shows a zero balance! There’s a transaction listed as sent I assume that was the sent ADA from legacy to Shelley I had initiated. I would like to know how to restore the Shelley wallet that was previously created and has all my ADA! Further the Daedalus 2.1 app quits all the time. I have 689 GB of available storage. Running MAC OS 10.15.4

Don’t know why that would have happened but restoring a wallet is easy if you have the seed phrase, 24 words in this case. Just click on add wallet then restore then enter words and put in new spending password.

Thank You! Tryingthat now, hope it works!

(Attachment PastedGraphic-1.tiff is missing)

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