Missing wallet

Hi. It’s been a couple days since I launched my Daedalus wallet but the message I get now says “you currently do not have any Shelley-compatible wallets.” I had staked some Cardano about a week ago. The options in the Daedalus window are “restore an existing wallet with funds” or “create a new wallet.” Appreciate the help.

There’s one other option I see and that is, “import wallets from an earlier version of Daedalus…”
I’m not sure which route to take. Help please.

Are you meeting the Daedalus system requirements ?

When the system does not have enough memory, it can silently drop wallets from the UI. Your funds are still safe (they are on the blockchain).

The solution is to make sure you have enough RAM, and then run it again. Your wallets should simply load up as expected. If they do not, they can be restored from the seed phrase.

Thank you. I am in fact taxing my poor laptop. I’ll reboot and relaunch.

That was it! Thank you.