Daedalus 2.1.0 on Linux?

Hello, is anyone running a Daedalus Shelly Wallet on Linux? I followed the instructions found in the following link:

[https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900000776446-Installing-Daedalus-1-1-0-Mainnet-on-Linux-] (Installing Daedalus Mainnet on Linux)

Everything seems to install ok, but I can’t find the “daedalus-mainnet” anywhere in any directory. I do have a /.local/bin folder but it is not there. The directions mention to click on the icon but nothing shows up anywhere that I can see.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I have installed and I run Daedalus 2.1.0 on Linux and the .local/bin/daedalus-mainnet shell script exists and works as expected.

Are you sure there was not error when you installed it?

The only error I saw was about a nix group that did not exist. Should I post the output of the install?

Stick it in a pastebin or something rather than posting here in the forum.

Are you sure you dont run setup as root/sudo?

Regardless based on the hint of description, you’d prolly need to create /etc/nix folder and follow instructions here

This wouldnt be needed normally, but often most that use root to install (maybe once before) fall into this issue

Whenever I open a terminal window I always type sudo su - so I don’t have to keep typing sudo on every command.

Should I try installing without typing that command?

Thanks rdirt! That seemed to work better. I didn’t see the nix error in the install output and now I have an icon to click on.

NEW PROBLEM: Nothing happens : Now when I click on the icon nothing happens except the usual zoom animation that signifies a program is opening. If I go to the /home/.local/bin folder in terminal and try to run it from there it says

’/bin’ -> '/nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/bin/'
’/etc/protocols’ -> '/nix/store/cdyc50j2xcb6bfnkkvjb2g93f12jx6i8-iana-etc-20190731/etc/protocols’
’/etc/services’ -> '/nix/store/cdyc50j2xcb6bfnkkvjb2g93f12jx6i8-iana-etc-20190731/etc/services’
’/etc/fonts/fonts.conf’ -> '/nix/store/a3bpnfn4fq5l183rdl9zk5qi86bq7v5q-fonts.conf’
’/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt’ -> '/nix/store/8933sc4v51lhmchf0dcb1yiqy9dy7s8d-nss-cacert-3.49.2/etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt’
’/etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt’ -> '/nix/store/8933sc4v51lhmchf0dcb1yiqy9dy7s8d-nss-cacert-3.49.2/etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt’
+ test -z ''
+ XDG_DATA_HOME=/home/am4/.local/share
+ export CLUSTER=mainnet
+ CLUSTER=mainnet
+ export DAEDALUS_DIR=/home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus
+ DAEDALUS_DIR=/home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus
+ export DAEDALUS_CONFIG=/nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/etc
+ DAEDALUS_CONFIG=/nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/etc
+ mkdir -p /home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/Logs/pub /home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/Secrets
+ cd /home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/
+ exec /nix/store/19zfmib41d91xqzs4z50s9zj3g7p6z29-daedalus-cardano-bridge/bin/cardano-launcher --config /nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/etc/launcher-config.yaml
LauncherCLI {launcherConfigPath = LauncherOptionPath {getLauncherOptionPath = “/nix/var/nix/profiles/profile-mainnet/etc/launcher-config.yaml”}, walletExitCodes = Nothing, updaterExitCodes = Nothing}
[launcher:Notice:27] [2020-08-15 16:03:08.82 UTC] Starting cardano-launcher
[launcher:Notice:27] [2020-08-15 16:03:08.82 UTC] Launcher substituted ENV variables: Object (fromList [(“walletLogging”,Bool False),(“legacySecretKey”,String “Secrets/secret.key”),(“cluster”,String “mainnet”),(“nodeConfig”,Object (fromList [(“kind”,String “shelley”),(“socketFile”,String “/home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/cardano-node.socket”),(“network”,Object (fromList [(“configFile”,String “/nix/store/64scl1b665k3wpf776ly4bpmqmkg8qly-node-cfg-files/config.yaml”),(“topologyFile”,String “/nix/store/64scl1b665k3wpf776ly4bpmqmkg8qly-node-cfg-files/topology.yaml”),(“genesisFile”,String “/nix/store/64scl1b665k3wpf776ly4bpmqmkg8qly-node-cfg-files/genesis.json”)])),(“configurationDir”,String “”)])),(“legacyStateDir”,String “/home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet”),(“launcherLogsPrefix”,String “/home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/Logs/pub”),(“nodeBin”,String “cardano-node”),(“isStaging”,Bool True),(“cliBin”,String “cardano-cli”),(“updaterPath”,String “”),(“syncTolerance”,String “300s”),(“workingDir”,String “/home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet”),(“tlsConfig”,Object (fromList [(“ca”,Object (fromList [(“commonName”,String “Daedalus Self-Signed Root CA”),(“expiryDays”,Number 3650.0),(“organization”,String “Daedalus”)])),(“clients”,Array [Object (fromList [(“commonName”,String “Daedalus Frontend”),(“expiryDays”,Number 365.0),(“organization”,String “Daedalus”)])]),(“server”,Object (fromList [(“commonName”,String “Daedalus Wallet Backend”),(“expiryDays”,Number 365.0),(“altDNS”,Array [String “localhost”,String “localhost.localdomain”,String “”,String “::1”]),(“organization”,String “Daedalus”)]))])),(“networkName”,String “mainnet”),(“legacyWalletDB”,String “Wallet”),(“updaterArgs”,Array []),(“cardanoAddressBin”,String “cardano-address”),(“logsPrefix”,String “/home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/Logs”),(“isFlight”,Bool False),(“daedalusBin”,String “daedalus-frontend”),(“nodeImplementation”,String “cardano”),(“walletBin”,String “cardano-wallet-shelley”),(“stateDir”,String “/home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet”),(“updateArchive”,String “”),(“updateWindowsRunner”,String “”),(“tlsPath”,String “/home/am4/.local/share/Daedalus/mainnet/tls”)])
[launcher:Notice:27] [2020-08-15 16:03:08.82 UTC] Locking file so that multiple applications won’t run at same time
cardano-launcher: Daedalus application is already running. There cannot be two applications running at the same time. Please close one application before starting another instance.

Essentially, there is already an instance running. I just rebooted. How can there be an instance already running?

I don’t know this forum very well. What is the pastebin and how do I use it?

I am running Daedalus wallet on Ubuntu 20.04…works just fine.

No, you should not type sudo before or during the installation. Just download the latest version from here https://daedaluswallet.io/en/download/

Then change the file permission to make it executable. You can do it from GUI or from the terminal:

chmod +x <filename>

After that just execute the file ./<filename>

Let us know if you are still facing issues.

Thank you for the reply SaadZoul.

I did as you instructed. It dumps out to an error that I posted above.
The current status of my problem is that it says more than one instance of the Daedalus wallet is running even after rebooting and running the daedalus-mainnet is the only thing I do.

What is the output of the following two commands:

ps auwx | grep daedalus
ps auwx | grep cardano

Try to install nix first. I have same problem at first time. But, after install nix. It’s work like a charm

The wallet installer already installs Nix, so installing Nix separately is unlikely to help.

“Just install NIx” is also not a good response until we know exactly what is causing the problem.

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Hi, sorry my bad, because when I install Daedalus in Centos, I got some error too, then I install nix, after that it works.

— 13134 0.0 0.0 17664 736 pts/0 S+ 22:31 0:00 grep --color=auto daedalus

— 13151 0.0 0.0 17664 728 pts/0 S+ 22:35 0:00 grep --color=auto cardano

That suggests its not already running on your machine.