Daedalus custom path to BC - possible? (linux)

I have a new hard drive and I want to inform Daedalus that it need to store BC in a new place (new drive - linux user), how can I do that?

I’m running low on space, so I want to simply move BC to a new SSD and change path in Daedalus. Let me know if this is possible (on Bitcoin/Litecoin, etc. it’s easy).

Described in this article: https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900004340586-How-to-symlink-Daedalus-chain-folder

Obligatory suggestion: There are few reasons to run the huge Daedalus wallet app. There are other great browser-based light wallet apps that do not need the time and space of Daedalus at all: https://developers.cardano.org/showcase/?tags=wallet

It is possible to just restore your Daedalus wallet with the seed phrase in most of them. (Nami will have compatibility issues because it manages addresses a bit differently. Don’t know how well Lace handles that now. Eternl, Typhon, Flint should not have a problem at all.)


I did change the CHAIN folder location (by symlink like in article), BUT now Daedalus syncing from the start, witch take forever. End it does not save the results - means when I reopen Daedalus, it start from the start (from 0%)…

As I understand it need to check the chain for my wallet address (ada amount, transactions, etc.), but it should take a short time, cause it does not need to download whole chain (the chain I moved to the other drive), just the missing (new epoch) part, and check for my wallet addresses.

Is there anybody who changed ada blockchain folder (disc) and can confirm this?

EDIT: after 2 days of syncing, the Daedalus cannot finish it, cause of loop - Syncing was 100%, but Replaying ledger from on-disk blockchain is 98,27 (I guess it’s ok, it’s the chain I moved from the drive to a new location, few days ago), and when syncing blockchain end, it repeat the process, start to sync (with now is very quick), and repeat the problem.

Picture -
daedalus_2023-11-02 08-51-45

What’s the problem here? When I didi have chain in default position, everything was ok.