Uninstalled Daedalus - State Directory no longer synced

Hey, I hope I didn’t royally screw up, but I did a quick google search to see if my wallet is still safe I uninstall Daedalus to reinstall on a different drive. All signs pointed ok so I went ahead and uninstalled Daedalus and reinstalled it on a larger drive however now under the diagnostic my Daedalus status is not connected, not synced, Cardano node not responding and not syncing or in sync. It does however display my Cardano node time is correct. I think this issue stems from the State Directory still pointing to the drive it was on previously.

What can I do to rectify this?

On most operating systems, installing on another drive doesn’t seem to have the desired effect, since the largest part – the copy of the whole blockchain – is still in the same location. See https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900004340586-How-to-symlink-Daedalus-chain-folder for an explanation how to put the chain folder somewhere else.

If Daedalus doesn’t find the chain folder anymore, it will start to sync from the beginning and that will take days. And it might even take some time, before the Daedalus user interface reports that it can connect to the node inside. This has little to do with your wallet being safe.

Hopefully, you still have your seed phrase. Then, Daedalus is just one of many, many wallet apps that you can use to access your wallet. A wallet is not inside one specific wallet app and a wallet app is just something like a blockchain browser, a tool to access the blockchain and the wallets on it, where you can choose a different browser at any time.

How old is the wallet? Is it a Byron wallet (Ddz… addresses) or a Shelley wallet (addr1… addresses)? Do you have the seed phrase?

If you don’t have a very specific reason to use Daedalus, I’d recommend to use one of the other wallet apps: https://developers.cardano.org/showcase/?tags=wallet
And to use them with a hardware wallet.