Need help with Daedalus wallet restore

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I made a copy of my seed phrase earlier today, and wanted to test that I had written it down correctly, so I deleted my wallet, then I hit restore.

Since the restore took much longer than expected, I decided to quit Daedalus during the restore process. When I tried restarting Daedalus it was stuck on sync, so eventually I trashed the ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus file on my mac, and restarted. This started the sync again, but after the sync was done, I was greeted with a balance of zero Ada.

When I checked the receiving address (let’s call it Sally), I saw that it was different from my previous address (let’s call it Harry), but when I went to the Cardano explorer, I saw that Sally had made a transaction to Harry, so the two are somehow connected.

I only ever had one wallet, and only one address, so I don’t understand how restoring my wallet has given me a new address. If the two were connected, I would assume I had the wrong seed words, but since they are clearly connected, I am at a complete loss to understand what’s going on.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Hi @gravity,

You should delete the whole %APPDATA%\Daedalus catalog and reinstall the program. This thing happens when for some reason you close the app during wallet restoration. Deleting only Wallet-1.0 does not solve the issue, everything has to removed. You can use software like app zapper to make sure all connected folders and files are removed.

Good luck.

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Thanks, very helpful! I deleted everything related to Daedalus and reinstalled from scratch. Currently waiting for the sync to complete. Wish me luck!

So after I went through the entire sync process, I clicked Restore Wallet, and put in my seed. Is it now going to take as long to restore the wallet as the initial sync, or is it going to be quicker?

It will take a lot of time, daedalus is searching for your wallet in the blockchain so it has to traverse the entire blockchain.

Note that if your computer goes to sleep mode the progress of syncing will be paused.

They are working on this, a quote from Charles on the subject.

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Thanks, that gives me hope! My computer’s been churning away for a while now, I disabled sleep mode, so I hope tomorrow morning I’ll be able to log into my wallet again.

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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that everything worked, and I have access to my wallet again. Thanks for your help!

You are welcome @gravity :smile:. Have great day!

For me, Daedalus has started the wallet restoration but it is stuck at 1%, “Wallet restoration is in progress: 1% (3 weeks, 7 hours, 24 minutes, 17 seconds). Any helps will be appreciated.

Note that my wallet balance is displayed correctly.

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For old hardware it could take a long time, it’s important to be patient, you could try and turn off your anti-virus software because the restoration means lots of files are being moved, this usually leads to the av-process analyzing all the actions.

Please read this link: