Wallet Problems

I was having a hard time connecting to network. So I read the FAQ, and I had to delete Cardano and reinstall. It went through and synchronized. When I put in my recovery phrase it says “wallet you are trying to restore already exists.” Please let me know what to do about this. I have done this 4 times now, so it is getting really old, and the only responses I have gotten are generic.

Hi there, you need to reinstall a “brand new” wallet, so after you uninstalling the wallet, please:

Mac OSX: delete the “daedalus” folder ( /Users//Library/Application Support/Daedalus/ )

Windows 10: delete the “daedalus” folder ( %appdata% folder )

The easiest way is to use a brand new laptop for the installation.

Then you can reinstall and restore your Daedalus wallet.

A reminder that this is a painful process, it took me 10 hours to reinstall and sync the blockchain, another 10 hours to restore the wallet in Windows 10 system, Mac OSX is far more faster, which are approx. 1+1 hour for both process

I have already completely deleted and reinstalled 4 times. Do I have to open a new wallet first? I do not have a new laptop to put it on. I have a Mac and am running high sierra. It only takes about 6 hours to delete and reinstall, but it is getting old. It keeps telling me the same thing. Wallet you are trying to install already exists. What can I do about that? Thank you for your help

when uninstalling, did you also delete the Daedalus folder in %appdata% ?

I use MacKeeper, and uninstall with it. I can’t find any info about it when I search after deleting it.

maybe this helps?

Now it is just back to connecting to network. It will not load at all again. This is where I usually need to delete it all again, and start over.

Are you sending logs to iohk? Charles said they had a problem addressing the issue correctly because not enough people send logs. Perhaps you ought to open up a support ticket trough the daedalus site.

You could also check out the rocket chat, maybe someone from there could help.

I have done that. I appreciate the response though. I am assuming they will fix these issues. I am doing this as a long hold, but I still don’t like not having access to my money. I did click on sending logs when I first opened my wallet. I know my private key is good, and my money is there. I just want a better wallet. Hopefully they will release something soon

the wallet has for sure some problems, especially on recovering a wallet through the passphrase.

I uninstall, delete the roaming folder on windows. Then sync the whole blockchain and put my seed nothing… It is still connecting to the network.

On my other PC, I was starting daedalus and deleting at the sametime the roaming folder… then I stop, start again daedalus and it is working perfectly…

Such random issue like windows bugs.

I wish we could have a web wallet or just a fixed wallet. I know the project is new and I give time :slight_smile:

can someone please confirm all the steps clearly to restore my daedalus wallet on windows

I’ve had ada sitting in a wallet for months never sent any, decided to send some into an exchange then my password is not reconsed to send !!

I saved it copy and paste, I do have a passphrase 12 words and this is all I have, but no redemption code. I am reluctant to delete the wallet, I’m fearful of losing my tokens if the passphrase dosen’t work, this is the problem please can someone give clear steps and allay my concerns.

I have downloaded the 100mb latest patched wallet installer but not done anything else till I am sure I know how to solve this without making it worse, real test of my emotions but doing well so far


After installing Daedalus, just launch it then click on the + Add Wallet button on the bottom left. Then it gives you 2 choices, create a new wallet, or Restore Wallet, click on Restore. Then all you have to do is follow the instructions, enter your Wallet Name ( the same as the one you are trying to recover obviously, not a new one) then below enter your passphrase (the secret words) in the same order as written on your sheet of paper, no capital letters . Good luck!

Don’t worry about deleting a wallet, it has worked for most of us. THe only risk is that you have not copied the same words in the passphrase identically

Just one thing: DO NOT save your precious passphrase on anything connected to the internet, you can get hacked. It’s best to write it on a sheet of paper, and to do a back-up of it kept in another place just in case.

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thanks bro
I am meticulious about the tripple checkin passphrases, so that has me confident, some are saying all the app data has to be removed before new install or may see neg bal after restoring, can you confirm. Certainly this time I will be loads more careful non setup/install


Then all should go well, there’s no reason for it not to work :slight_smile:

Did you add a password when setting up the whole thing?

I wouldn’t know, I have a different OS than Windows. I think you should try to do it first on the existing Daedalus, then try to restore it. Keep in mind that your coins are stored on the Cardano blockchain, not on your computer. That’s why it is safe to delete it if your have the correct passphrase associated with the correct name of the wallet. I have done it before :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t work with this Daedalus version, then it is best to uninstall the whole app, make sure all the files are deleted in your directories, then reinstall a fresh app from the official Daedalus website after the long download of the whole blockchain. Then it should definitely work

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yes I did but that pswd wont work to send, but sure it’s the same one, is the send password same as a master password if there is I wonder ?

the delete wallet prompting this-

Do you really want to delete Cardano1 wallet?
Make sure you have access to backup before continuing. Otherwise, you will lose all your funds connected to this wallet.
Cancel / Proceed

Mmmh I wonder why the password doesn’t work? I heard of it before. Did you try to restart your app, or your computer? It sounds silly but sometimes it works.

Do you have another computer to try to restore your coins from there? It might help you build confidence before deleting everything on the original computer.

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thanks I will try anways just to see

yep got another was thinking that, is the benefit that I don;t need to delete wallet 1.0 before installing on another system ?

If you have another machine, no it’s not necessary, as everything is stored on the blockchain. It will work, but likely tomorrow after all the blocks are synced.

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ok will do that then as safer bet, can keep trying to get in to old wallet in meantime, just rebooted and about to test sending before proceed, thanks for your guidance on this man

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That dosn’t work for me. I do not know why mine won’t restore. I guess I will try on a different computer. I know my passphrase is right. It doesn’t say it is incorrect, just that it already exists.