Daedalus: difference between testnet and shelley-testnet

I am a developer with some experience on other blockchains but I am new to Cardano.

Is the current “testnet” (the one with the faucet) not running shelley? Is there a way to check the chain id with daedalus (assuming this would be the proper way to tell the difference)? Is mainnet running shelley or byron? Again, is there a good way to be able to tell?

Testnet as well as Mainnet are both past Byron and are currently on Allegra (post shelley era thay allows for token locking).

When executing commands against the node using CLI, you could only work with them when using --allegra-era

Ah, that makes a ton of sense, thank you! Is there a place that shows all previous protocols and the differences between each of them?

This looks like what im looking for: