What exacty are 'Allegra and Mary' eras?

Hey there,

is there any place to learn about these meaning of the two ‘codenames’ Allegra and Mary? They are part of changelogs for the cardano-node for two minor versions now, but I could not find any Information on them…

The latest changelog indicates that ‘Mary’ might refer to native assets… and Allegra?

Thanks in advance!

– | The era after Byron is the Shelley era.

---- The Shelley ledger and block type itself is parameterised by an era-- parameter, which is in its turn parameterised by the crypto used.type ShelleyEra c = Era.Shelley c

– | The era after Shelley is Allegra, the illegitimate daughter of Byron.

---- In this era, we introduce time locks and miscellaneous fixes for the Shelley-- era.

---- TODO #2668 Change this to the proper Allegra eratype AllegraEra c = Era.Shelley c

– | The era after Allegra is Mary (Shelley), the wife of Percy Shelley.

---- In this era, we introduce multi-asset (hence MA-ry).–


Thank you, @rdlrt !