My Shelley Daedalus Testnet Experience

Below is the information that I tracked for the Testnet Wallet. I wanted to dump it here instead of the main Thread. I will be linking this post to the main thread. I didn’t want to overshadow other peoples replies with my info.

Cardano ADA Shelley Daedalus Wallet v(1.0.0-STN1#13197)
WINDOWS 10 Pro v1909 OS build 18363.900

Time is counted at the moment ‘Enter’ is pressed to send off the transaction, after password is entered.

Each transaction is made with different addresses

timer tracked with computer stopwatch


First receiving transaction

Faucet to Daedalus Shelley Testnet wallet ADA1

TIME: ~10sec
AMOUNT: 100,000

First Wallet send transaction

Ada 1 to Ada 2:

Receiving Address - ADA2: 00dbf3d4e5aacbbf5fbfb82dc9087109b78184073af056aade7e4cd960d468c2926c87564dad2ebf1d13fb4d5c1ffc001612794e25678c6b4c2f16bd32d33ef51a
Transaction id: 09e5ec661d3628bf55419f930828b5f456a2c7085ebef4d04278654633246aab
AMMOUNT: 10K tADA First transaction
TIME: ~25sec

Second transaction

Ada 1 to ada 2:

Receving address - ADA2:0022957c6e247695234d029aafa857956ab592546338d99b7590f56a7d9758f10f6c87564dad2ebf1d13fb4d5c1ffc001612794e25678c6b4c2f16bd32d33ef51a
Transaction id: 458a3fdb87bd2b61b201e01a983c87380f58de3fd4e56be4910b4b0d4fadfa80
TIME: ~16sec

Third transaction

“” :

Receiving Address - ADA2: 006870f4eb9a18ab445b0dcc14a864c737c9e4cbc32bd64b0882d94c30b6c43bff6c87564dad2ebf1d13fb4d5c1ffc001612794e25678c6b4c2f16bd32d33ef51a
Transaction id: 6afd81aab9198ab3bd00fd45d89bc87090e8ef24adfe0981a32f14006dc7e1fc
TIME: ~ 31sec

Fourth transaction

Ada 1 to Ada 2:

Receiving address: - ADA2: 0040c3da1aeb838f3b009eba4325c6430ea89647c361e96c4b7e6f50b90e44292f6c87564dad2ebf1d13fb4d5c1ffc001612794e25678c6b4c2f16bd32d33ef51a
Transaction id: c43255e99a313958521cbab0f9195cce41d1d7340d73ed1d223477f9eb9402a8
TIME: ~21sec

Fifth transaction

Ada 1 to Ada 2:

Receiving address: - ADA2: 008889613f1593007afe68ae2624109afcc1e2de34c0a8956b3c5448cc997c62c26c87564dad2ebf1d13fb4d5c1ffc001612794e25678c6b4c2f16bd32d33ef51a
Transdaction iD: e8cc8ced0d1438c692e0e7ebf59e372f96a964c831f9377053972ec78d87d678
TIME: ~16sec

Sixth transaction

Sending back all the tADA back From ADA 2 to ADA 1

Receiving address: - ADA1: 00222222b6d66c437f6e43b40127e9b39b54cd07e28b692385b67a28ca79057d0f16503ea7b306c6ada4d3f9f50c7a67ce04a4fff990620602cbdd071a6182c572
Transaction id: eb8cd52ee573bb842a4eb395b8054778d07f8c13bac994b4330a499d30c2a13d
AMOUNT: 99,999.807043 tADA
TIME: ~6 sec

Seventh transaction

Sending all tADA back to faucet

Receiving address: - Faucet: 00677291d73b71471afa49fe2d20b96f7227b05f863dafe802598964533e0dc3bc0cf7eb8153441db271a2288560378b209014350792f273bdc307f06ca34f0c6f
Transaction iD:
AMOUNT: 99,997.825655
TIME: ~6 sec


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