Having issues trying to send ADA from shelleyITN Yoroi extension to a new Daedalus wallet

I just downloaded updated Daedalus Mainnet wallet and tried to send ADA from my Yoroi Shelley Testnet wallet to Daedalus wallet.
Got a message saying "you cannot send to legacy addresses (any address created before Nov. 29th, 2019)
Can someone explain to me what I need to do? Thanks

Hello and welcome @tommypd,
you can not send ada from testnet to mainnet. You will be able to get your rewards from August 3rd on. It’s important to mention that there is no deadline that you can miss. No need to rush things, there will be tutorials. Please always download wallets from cardano.org.

Ok thank you adatainment! I appreciate your quick response and help!!
So there is nothing I need to do for now?
Can I send ADA from Yoroi wallet to Daedalus Mainnet wallet?

You are right, nothing to do right now. Please note that we provided an extensive FAQ here: