'Daedalus is unable to start' fix for Windows users on Cardano 1.4

Here is a video in case users run into the “Daedalus is unable to start” issue on Windows. This video was created with a simulated error of the same sort on a Windows virtual machine. Many thanks to Priyank, Joerg and other people on the Cardano Forum for their contributions to the tech support efforts.


Great addition to finding and resolving wallet troubles. I wasn’t aware of a deadalus.exe.lock error myself, and I’m glad I read those comments in the tech support chat this morning. I translated the comments for the admins in the Japanese Daedalus tech support chat, and hopefully they’ll be able to give even better support. Again, many thanks for your audiovisual contributions @rickymac :smile:

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I’m glad you translated it. I know it seems like an easy fix, but the reason I put it to video was as a visual aid as there were a few people, non primary English speaking, so I was hoping a video would do the trick.


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