Daedalus ITN not even Opening In Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6

Hi All,
Hope you are staying healthy.
I went to fire up my Daedalus ITN (Version 2.3.1) yesterday to do my daily rewards check and it won’t open. It isn’t a connection issue, the wallet won’t open on my Mac Laptop.
It has been working fine.
I uninstalled the program files and downloaded a fresh version to be sure and still no go.
I assume the rewards are still piling up, so there is no great problem, but does anyone have any ideas as to how I might get things working again?


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with it. I’m personally not aware of any issues particularly related to Mac OS Mojave. (Unless I missed it somewhere :see_no_evil:)

I’m on a MBP (Catalina latest version) myself and it runs quite well on this version. Do you have the option to upgrade to the latest Mac OS version (if at all), and see if that resolves the issue? Not sure how old or new your Mac is though, but might be worth checking out if your Mac OS needs any firmware upgrade. This might resolve the issue for you.

Please let us know!

Thanks for your reply Katsumoto.
I’ve been waiting for the Catalina bugs to be ironed out, so, yes, now might be a good time to upgrade.
I’ll keep you all posted.

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Same OS version here, on a late 2015 MacBook Pro.

Daedalus ITN 2.3.1 works fine (and syncs a lot faster than the previous versions), only the stakepool overview still takes a while to load.

I have made no changes to my setup since last updating Daedalus. I simply installed straight over the older version. I did have to approve the modifications to several components (a.o. Jormungandr) before these could be run again. Maybe something went wrong there?

It does the first time, after that it’s much faster.

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Hi Ghostwheel

Yes, same as me. Very strange that it stopped. I must have made some change. The only new software I installed was Brave browser.

Where abouts in System Preferences did you do this?

I tried Daedalus ITN again today and it open without a hitch, connected no probs and even loaded all of the stake pools. I upgraded to Catalina anyway and it continues to function flawlessly.
So problem solved. I like it when things mend themselves!
Thanks for all your suggestions.

I also switched to Brave recently, so that won’t be the sole cause either.

The approval request always pops up when I start Daedalus after an update (“Changes have been made to this software” etc.). AFAIK it’s a standard macOS feature; I just doublechecked my security & privacy settings but there are no exceptions for Daedalus or related apps…

I did add a number of rules to Little Snitch to allow the required outgoing connections for both Daedalus wallets (main & testnet). That shouldn’t be connected to the approval requests above, but if you also use Little Snitch that’s something to doublecheck as well.

EDIT: OK, upgrading to Catalina seems to have solved it for you. I’m still sticking with Mojave for a while because of one app that isn’t 100% up to it…