Daedalus missing features


I miss a few features in Daedalus and these are

  • A watch-only-wallet (like for example Electrum provides).
  • Offline transactions
  • Something like a parity signer like Ethereum and Polkadot have

In regards to the watch-only-wallet: Yes you can type each and every of your generated addresses into an block explorer, but that is not really user-friendly at all and having to type in a seed on a computer which is exposed to the internet just for checking the balance seems to me less secure then a watch-only-wallet or am I wrong?

In regards to offline transactions: If I remember correctly over a year ago offline transactions were on the roadmap. Do I miss something or is this not implemented? Is it even still on the roadmap?

Can somebody tell me more about when those features will be delivered and if they are on the roadmap?