Does Daedalus Wallet Have Hidden Features?

The current wallet has minimal functionality (not even a linux version). How are exchanges automating transactions programmatically right now? Surely there isn’t a person at a desk clicking in the Daedalus GUI every time someone sends money.

This leads me to believe that there is either a more sophisticated wallet out there now, or that the current wallet is actually feature rich, but not obvious.

Are there RPC endpoints? Am I missing something?

There is an api on port 8090 I believe (just off the top of my head but you can confirm yourself). That API is the version v0. Exchanges are using a newer version v1 that is not released yet (but you can download/build the code yourself from the github page)

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Yup. When you launch Daedalus - standard full node backend starts in background (that’s why it’s kinda slow for now) and listens on a port. Daedalus GUI itself is just a web-frontend that sends commands to the node and receives data. But you can curl with the backend yourself.


Eventually, it will also add the ability to swap with real currencies like USD.

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