Daedalus: set up topology.yaml as static file outside of Nix?

Most of our user group, generally with poor Internet connections (4G in the “third world”), have had problems with the default relay set provided by Daedalus (currently only relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io). I’m looking for a best practice way to set up topology.yaml and maybe config.yaml as static individual files rather than the latest versions in the Nix packages:

$ ps -ef | grep cardano-node

rphair 2104 2042 85 14:16 tty2 00:08:35 cardano-node run --socket-path cardano-node.socket --shutdown-ipc 3 --topology /nix/store/hixr74kkg2m376qzkd9hhs7nhsqkyv4x-node-cfg-files/topology.yaml --database-path chain --port 39515 --config /nix/store/hixr74kkg2m376qzkd9hhs7nhsqkyv4x-node-cfg-files/config.yaml

We are all on Linux, with most at an amateur level: it would be too much to ask for them to check for an updated topology.yaml pathname in ~/.daedalus/nix/store/* after every Daedalus upgrade. If we can move the topology into a static file that’s preserved between upgrades, we can keep their configurations using relays of known good local connectivity. :sunglasses:

any answer yet ?

No answer. There are other reasons to modify these parameters as well: including increasing the -N2 default option for Daedalus’s cardano-node to -N4 or more on capable processors.