Deadalus can't sync and I lost my passphrase :(

I never had any daedalus wallet before. I just installed it for the first time and created 2 wallets. But no secret keys in the folder. Will they appear once I deposit ada to them?

Thanks for the fast reply

Omg… sorry, u didn’t opened a new topic… so it’s the first time when u installed daedalus right?
Then when u created the wallets didn’t received a 24 seed words for each wallet created??
U must bkp them somewhere away from the internet (eventually create more copies) and take care to not lossing them… u will need them when everytime when you will need to restore your wallet;


Yeah sorry, I replied here because I found a similar issue in google, bringing me to this topic. My point being: in case I ever lose my recovery phrase (I have it written down), I will need my spending password and the private keys to restore my assets. But for that, I need the private keys backed up. My problem now is that the folder is empty like in @Steste s case. I’m simply wondering why I have no secrets file and if they will be created only after receiving funds in a wallet. Thank you

I had the exact same problem as you. I had to push a bit to get an answer, and I was told to backup the “Wallets” folder.

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