Deadalus improperly started

Hi all, I ve trying to open Deadalus wallet app in y computer, I have windows 10, and it wouldnt. I went to IOHK web age and tryed to download the new version 4.4.1 (I currently ave 4.4.0) and it shows me an error sign that there is an error with the file “Deadalus mainnet.exe” , when I checked on program files folder and tried to run Deadalus mainnet.exe gives me that error: “Deadalus improperly started: please start Deadalus using the icon in the windows start menu or using Deadalus icon on your desktop”. I had obviously tried all already. What could I do, should I completely errase Deadalus from my computer and downloaded again? Or is there a better way to sort this issue?
Thanks, kind regards all.
Deadalus error 1|1000x750

Did you find a solution? If it’s solved I suggest using coinbase wallet, I never had the problem you mentioned