Deadalus Wallet not working

My wallet was working fine, till one day it’s stop. I was waiting long for log in and noting move.I deleted all file and re-install again.
and now, its still not working I finish install it and when I active it the “syncing blocks” start from 94% and its going back (now its on 92.88%)

what do you think i need to do?
thanks for your help

Hey there,

If your still having this issue here is the fix

This is for Win7 PC

–>Uninstall Daedalus
–>turn on view hidden files and folders
–>Go to Computer then the C: drive
–>Go to users then App Data then Roaming
–>Delete Daedalus folder from here then empty trash
–>reboot machine and reinstall Daedalus(have your Seed phrase ready)
–> after reinstall it will setup like a new computer sync up to the whole blockchain then recover your wallet.

hope this helps