Daedalus Wallet Syncing blocks dont upgrade to 100%

Hi i have a issue with the Daedalus Wallet. The problem is, that the syncing blocks dont upgrade to 100 %. When i start the wallet it show me 94.63% and then is goes down to 94.62% then 94.61% and so on. I cant open the wallet. I shut down the PC and restart the system but it didn’t help. I uninstall the wallet and install it again but it didn’t help. I report a issue and the team tryed to help me, but i cant find the folders.

Here are the steps from the team:


  1. Type %appdata% in the Windows Explorer search bar
  2. Open the Daedalus folder
  3. Open the DB-1.0 folder
  4. Delete the content of the DB-1.0 folder
  5. Go back to the Daedalus folder
  6. Open the Wallet-1.0 folder
  7. Delete the content of the Wallet-1.0 folder

I cant find %appdata% or DB-1.0 or Wallet-1.0 in any folder. I searched them with the Windows Explorer and on my own view. I hear a noise from my hard disk when i start the daedalus wallet but it don’t complete the syncing blocks.

Why these are so many problems with this wallet… :frowning:

best regards

  1. Win+r
  2. Type %appdata%
  3. Press enter

I found now the folders. Thank you hayamoto_jr. I delet them now and hope it help me by my issue.


I can now connect to the daedalus Wallet again. Thanks

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