Deadalus Long Term Usage

Is it inevitable that Deadalus will be impossible to maintain on anything but a special, custom designed rig?

At this point Deadalus appears to be using up hundreds of gigabytes of space on my PC. I concede that there could be a configuration issue on my part, and given enough resesrch and re-jiggering I could get that number down some.

However, even if it was only half its size, all that does is push out the “when” I have to unistall. The argument about “if” I can keep it seems a foregone conclusion only with the uninstall date as the only variable.

Is anything happening behind the scenes to influence the “if”?

Thanks in advance for your consideration, and any responses are humbly appreciated.

I would not call it a custom designed rig. All you need is some drive with lots of space. But that it will take more and more resources is inevitable.

Blockchains are an append-only data structure. That’s their very idea. So, a wallet app containing a full node that saves the whole blockchain will always use more and more disk space. Maybe, the growth will slow down with Hydra moving transactions into sidechains, but it will not stop.

As always: Alternatives are light wallets – Eternl, Typhon, Yoroi, … – and there is a light wallet by IOG in the making.


Not necessarily. Even the original Bitcoin whitepaper included a section of reclaiming disk space for txs whose outputs are all spent and are buried under enough blocks… I don’t know if and how this could work on Cardano though. You certainly need to account for metadata, referenced scripts and so on…


Thanks for your responses, and my apologies for my belated response.

I was waiting and hoping that there might come a response that would convince me to keep Daedalus installed. All that time I spent re-syncing that thing, I guess I felt like a personal investment keeping it updated. Or that I was somehow, in some way, contributing to the network by keeping it up to date.

But I throw in the towel, lol.

Thanks again, Cardanians :smiley:

PS -

…and there is a light wallet by IOG in the making.

My initial reaction was: what a disaster that will turn into.

That’s not good for my gut reaction to be such, is it? After Daedalus and Yoroi, I guess I really have little faith in the IOG and Emurgo crews for end-user apps…

Man, how did I come to this?