Decentralized social forum on Cardano blockchain

Hi, I’m working on a dapp where users can post messages. These messages are stored as transaction metadata. The app runs completely on client side, the data is polled from blockfrost or koios.
One drawback is the requirement of creating a transaction to post a message but that also works to prevent spam.
The project is opensource so contributions, ideas or feedback are welcome.

App is available from github pages here:
Source code: GitHub - alucao/decon: Decentralized Community Platform with On-Chain Storage on Cardano blockchain

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Hello @alucao,

although I personally don’t see much of a use case for a “normal forum” that is on-chain, it would be an interesting idea for a governance forum. Dreps could register there with their identity and post as Drep. You could show governance actions in one category and people could comment on these actions. I have a few ideas on how to expand this.

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A forum that costs around 0.2 ADA per post doesn’t sound too attractive. And there is a good reason for this price: Every single Cardano node would have to store every single message of this forum in the history forever. I’m very skeptical of ideas that spam too much stuff on-chain.


Isn’t this type of service supposed to be made as a ‘partner chain’?