Delay of Allonzo white I am Plutus withdrawal

My understanding is that even though Blue was fine and they introduced blue note 2.0, significant parts of the development are still undone and they are in no way ready to release Allonzo White.

In addition I heard that Plutos has withdrawn.

Can anyone comment on this as far as when Allonzo white might be the new phase/date?

This is beginning to sound like the old Cardono what time frames were significantly off

This guy was just invited to the White testnet. What is your source?

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It’s odd that Cardono has not announced to Alfonso white yet.

There’s hundreds of articles about how they’re still on the blue note.

Maybe this is someone who was asked in anticipation of it happening soon




Somebody claimed they created their first block on Allonzo white on 9 July.

Is that true?

Of course, the alonzo testnet is going well… starting from today more PO will join the tests

This person claimed it started Friday.

I know it’s supposed to be June 5 but it was postponed a week until today.

I would’ve expected some press release or comments if he’s had started on Friday

So it started Friday?