Delegate Balance + Rewards to a new pool

I am going to delegate to a new pool because the one I am currently delegated to is now saturated.
I have earned 60+ ADA in rewards from the pool I am currently delegated to.
Do I need to withdraw my rewards from this current pool in order to have them move with the rest of my wallet balance, into the pool I will move to?

i.e. - do my rewards from current pool move to the new pool automagically, or do I need to withdraw them first, before delegating to a new pool, in order to have them move with my total overall balance (rewards included) to the new pool?

Thank you!

Just redelegate your wallet, the total balance (including the rewards) will be added automatically to the new pool stake (u don’t need to withdraw the rewards)

The rewards must be withdrawn only when u will want to spend them


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Thank you for your response!
I have delegated to a new pool, and it is due to be in effect as of epoch 312.
It appears to work just as you’ve described.
I appreciate you responding to my noob question, I am learning, thank you.

You are welcome

PS: for the next 2 epochs (after the next snapshot) u will receive the rewards from the old pool and starting with epoch 313 u will receive rewards from the new pool

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Yes! Which is why next time I will move to a new one earlier when it appears the one I am in is getting close to being saturated :smiley: - that way I can avoid the overlap incurring a diminished reward while awaiting the switch to the new pool! Like I said: I am learning :slight_smile:

Makes total sense to me though, and is proof the system works: I am incentivized to move, and this ensures no single pool becomes too large.

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I have a value x in my Daedalus wallet and it is staked for a pool… Now I want to use only Nami Wallet, and I want to transfer my ADA to Nami, but I don’t want to harm the pool by removing the ADA.

It is enough for me to import my wallet into Nami Wallet through the seeds that I will continue to delegate normally? Or after importing my seeds in Nami Wallet do I need to re-delegate to the pool?

use import option and use the seed words for daedalus… when you will import you should see that the wallet is already delegated to the pool and no other actions required


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