Delegate to small pools

There are 1548 single pool operators.
There is today a total delegation of ₳22.91B If we choose to delegate only to them, it would give an average staking of ₳15M each, far from the saturation of ₳65M with k=500 and also far from ₳32, with k=1000

Delegate to small pools #1SPO1POOL


No1 gives a shit phal that more than half of the pools are either completely empty idling or have joke amount of ADA staked on it (aka they will never produce a single block). Hail the decentralization!
Congrats to the brainless farts who staked all their ada into the top pools regardless they are overloaded and bought a house for Rick, your great!

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The brainless farts actually made a financially sound decision. saturated pool gives better return