Delegation guide for beginners

Greetings Cardano Community!

After a few weeks of work, I have put together a Gitbook with step-by-step instructions to help new-comers:

  • Purchase some ADA
  • Transfer their funds to a private wallet
  • Delegate their funds to a stake pool

This project was born out of the observation that many people I have talked to about Cardano had heard of cryptocurrencies and in many cases were already investing in them. Despite this, I encountered a strong barrier to the concepts of withdrawing their funds from exchanges and delegating them.

The Gitbook can be found here:

This is intended to be a living document and is linked to a public Github repo:

Please feel free to distribute this to your friends or anyone you think may benefit from it. It is my hope that it will lower entry barriers in the Cardano Ecosystem.

For anyone who feels like it, please fork the repo and contribute to this growing document. In particular, I welcome input regarding:

  • wallets that I have not included
  • exchanges that are not included
  • anything you think needs clarifying/changing

Thank you for your attention and all the best,



Great and open initiative @Adrem!

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Thank you @adatainment! I have quick question:

when versioning the Stake Pool School, I noticed that the Gitbook had a “Edit on Github” button in the top right corner of every page. I checked in the repo, but I seem to be unable to find the code or any other information that points to how to have that appear.

Having this button on the Delegation Guide would be really handy, do you know what is required to have it?



PS I found the solution, an extra flag appeared in the Github integration tab once both the book and repo were made public! Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

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