Delegation question

Hi all
After changing the pools pledge amount, do I have to re-create and send a new delegation certificate? I ask because is showing that my pools pledge has not been met, even though there is >250K ADA at the address.



What is the id of your pool?

Thank you for the response.

It’s on the testnet (thankfully), ticker is KPIT, ID: cf12a9dcaacdc09778616d60502011a88ed4542c482f2ddd08d8ac5a.


This is new for me - how can I query a pool on registered on testnet?

At the bottom of pooltool website click on mainnet and it should change to testnet:


Like above.
Thanks again for the help.

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on pooltool I think you need to wait for the next epoch to get an update on the available pledge
so I think you are fine…

I do believe you have the answer there, thank you! Found a similar post saying wait 2 epochs. I’m just so impatient to see my little Pis actually produce a block or two.

Thank you again.