Pool Re-Register on Testnet

I finished setting up a pool on testnet yesterday. I was looking at it today and realized I entered an incorrect pledge. I pledged 42,500 tADA but meant to pledge 4,250. This left me well short of my pledge. I just re-registered with the correct pledge and everything appears fine on testnet.adatools.io. My question is, on testnet does it take 2 epochs for the new pledge to take effect like it does on mainnet? In other words, am I frozen out for 2 epochs until the correction takes effect?

The correction should have instant effect, but it will need 2 epochs to become active

Got it thanks. As a follow up, what’s the best method to sufficiently fund a test pool so it’s likely to produce blocks? I’ve been getting tAda from the faucet but at the rate of 1k tAda each day it seems like it’ll take quite a while before the pool will be competitive to produce a block. I saw someone mention they put out a request on the telegram channel for 1 million tAda which someone fulfilled. Is that the best approach?

Yeah, u should ask for that 1M but I don’t know details … :slight_smile: