Delegation representative will be a new role in the Cardano ecosystem

The Cardano ecosystem is preparing to launch decentralized governance (on-chain governance). Therefore, new roles will be introduced: a constitutional committee and delegation representatives (DReps). Each ADA holder will be able to register themselves as a DRep. SPOs can become DReps if they register. Similar to how ADA holders delegate coins to pools, it will be possible to delegate decision-making power to DReps. Just as the number of blocks that a pool mint depends on the total stake, the amount of decision-making power will depend on the number of coins delegated to DReps. Why is the role of DReps important to Cardano?


  • Choosing a DRep will be a similar process to choosing a pool.
  • DReps should have good expert knowledge and moral credit to become a representative of ADA holders.
  • On-chain governance can be much more flexible in the exchange of DReps than is the case with the conventional government.
  • Decentralization is about the distribution of power, just like democracy.
  • Cardano should be first and foremost a community that uses and cares for the technology solutions and ecosystem.
  • The team within each blockchain project can be seen as a center of power. If this center of power is to be weakened, someone must take over its decision-making power.

This article was prepared by Cardanians with support from Cexplorer.

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