Did cardano-cli 1.19.0 change the output of "shelley stake-pool id" on purpose?

Today, after I updated the pool registration, I tried to verify its existence on the ledger using the pool id, I requested the pool id from cardano-cli shelley stake-pool id --verification-key-file "cold.vkey". Strangely the output does not look like my pool ID anymore (see below).

I did a fresh checkout of tag “1.19.0” from github, recompiled the binaries but the “error” and cardano-node --version remain the same. Luckily I archived my older binaries:

Pool ID 1.18.0: e1ca526fe5d2d2ac26a2b3ab52bf73ba4f1506da4e533eff8c5faa7f
Pool ID 1.19.0: pool1u899yml96tf2cf4zkw4490mnhf832pk6fefnaluvt7487jmqzhg

My version of cardano-cli is:

cardano-cli 1.19.0 - linux-x86_64 - ghc-8.6
git rev 4814003f14340d5a1fc02f3ac15437387a7ada9f

I had a look at the release notes for 1.19.0 and realized, this bug should already be fixed? That’s at least how I understand this issue 1729. Or is this on purpose? English is not my native language, therefore I might be misinterpreting the actual intention here. Was the idea to change all outputs to hex or bech32. For me, the title of the issue itself says something different than dorin100.

Can anybody help me out here?

PS: My pool disappeared from Daedalus as well - I guess because the contents of the metadata-file changed and it needs to be synched again. I checked that the the hash-calculation has not changed between these versions, too. As being unable to be found in Daedalus is an uncomfortable situation… I just hope it re-appears tomorrow… or so.

in 1.19.0 the default output format is bench32, to get in HEX, add the –output-format hex

cardano-cli shelley stake-pool id –output-format hex --verification-key-file cold.vkey

let me know if this helped,


@lauris: --output-format hex did the trick. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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