My pool is shown in Daedalus but not in - why?

I just set up another a pool on testnet. It is shown up in Daedalus fine, but is not shown in It has been almost 24 hours. Do you know why?

The ticker is NSP10, and pool id is pool1ads72p8rnjw7nhm7w4n0x5t3893nj3y8wyh6vg8m7yafwkdg75g

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get the ID in hex format:
cardano-cli stake-pool id --cold-verification-key-file cold.vkey --output-format "hex"

Here is my pool id:
Pool ID: pool10qrz84cvz95zg8saf43ruhs5ulczuuqm2d3jn6d8xkkkzgzfje7
Hex format: 780623d70c1168241e1d4d623e5e14e7f02e701b536329e9a735ad61
Pooltool only uses hex format

The pool id in hex is eb61e504e39c9de9df7e7566f351713963394487712fa620fbf13a97

BTW, it has shown up in a couple of hours ago. It seems to be a pooltool issue. It got stuck at a point of the block chain for over 20 hours.

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you can always check the id whether it is registered or not with this query
./cardano-wallet-linux64/cardano-cli query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 --mary-era > ledger-state_testnet.json | grep publicKey | grep <poolId>