No listing of my Pool on Daedalus Test wallet (Testnet), did I miss sth? Trying for days now

Hi community
A few days ago I set up my first Cardano node and a pool in the test network. Everything worked fine along the documentation and the nodes are now running on the same virtual machine (VirtualBox). The nodes are synchronized and everything seems to work - BUT it looks like I have missed a crucial point, because my pool is not listed in the Daedalus Test Wallet (even after several times on different virtual machines with different settings).

In similar posts I’ve seen that other pools were already listed in the wallet after a few hours (after their statements). Is this still the case or will they be listed after a certain time? My pool ID is: pool10g2d39v9h9x645e0dd7qg6ts2s40nhp0vqc7z8jy93ltsnrvyw8

System Information:
Operating System: Ubuntu Server (VirtualBox on Windows)
Node Version: 1.21.1

Can anyone help me with this? How can I check if my pool is reachable or correctly registered? With the corresponding command from the documentation, which you can use to check this, my Pool-ID can be retrieved.

Thanks a lot and best regards from Switzerland

The only thing that causes this is (other than SMASH on mainnet) is the pool meta (json) hash that was registered with the pool does not match the actual meta json hash.


wget https://<path-to-poolmeta.json>

Next calculate the hash of that downloaded file and make sure it matches the hash registered with the pool. If the hashes match, I would chalk it up to bunky testnet Daedalus. If not, reregister your pool with the correct hash.

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Thank’s a lot - that helped. We had to check for the external IP with our ISP and to regenerate the hash for the corresponding json-file. And now our Testpool “WBC93” is now visible & ready to stake :wink:

Thanks again & have a nice weekend, best regards from Switzerland

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Can someone link the command with which it’s possible to show this terminal overview of the current node ? I dont know the name of the tool, hence i cant find the command to run it.

This would be very helpful!

Update: In my version it does not exist anymore. It was named cardano-node LiveView. It was replaced by a web version called RTView, but there is not cli version any more.