How to list the pool on the testnet daedalus wallet

Dear all,

I am facing one last problem before my BP starts mining.
Here my difficulties start in understanding few last steps.

My setup:
my relay node is on a virtual machine with the public ip

The port 46371 is port forwarded to my relay node port 6000. I did that because for the pool registration I need to provide:
–pool-relay-port 46371
–pool-relay-ipv4 “”
At least that is what I think I need to do, please correct me if I miss here something.
In the end I managed to register my stake address and my stake pool.

Now I do not know how to check if I really was successful.
What I tried to verify is:
shelley query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 | grep publicKey | grep $(cat stakepoolid.txt)
with the output:
“publicKey”: “87cb8ea112a449779b6fa4d105f24e3c8bc365b93bdbffcac718ce80”,

My final question is what am I missing to list my pool on the daedalus testnet wallet?

Many thanks in advance.


check your pool on or or if it’s visible in yoroi (if you registered correct it should be found there)

to be sure your BP is working fine…
check this out!

Dear all,

I am on testnet.
I see my in the EKG view increasing, which should confirm that my BP is indeed block producing, right?

My BP is reaching the relay1 via the public address of relay1.
How to get my pool listed in the testnet daedalus? Do I need to wait for the next epoch?


Dear Alexd1985,

does also lists test net pools?



I thought you wanted to verify if the pool is working well also on mainnet.

Hi, actually I am runnig my pool on testnet and would like to know if there is any other to way to check somehow pool info, pledge, stake etc. How did you finally managed on testnet? As it seems there is no tool actually working for it.

If I place use the command:

cardano-cli query ledger-state --mary-era --testnet-magic 1097911063 | grep publicKey | grep $(cat stakepoolid.txt)
“publicKey”: “498d885a5923b3a3a53ebc2ab61f738bdad48d9020095a7e5d02eea9”,
“publicKey”: “498d885a5923b3a3a53ebc2ab61f738bdad48d9020095a7e5d02eea9”,
“publicKey”: “498d885a5923b3a3a53ebc2ab61f738bdad48d9020095a7e5d02eea9”,

Strange, shouldn’t it put just one output there? What does it mean, is my pool registered 3 times?


nope. Everything is fine.
Download for example Daedalus testnet to see if your pool got listed.

You can invoke this command again:
cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet --allegra-era --out-file ledger.json
this time you can open the file ledger.json and search for your pool id / ticker / ip address and so on.

Happy testing!


Hi thanks,
Is it only deadalus wallet running on testnet? It is impossible to use for me, because I am mostly running on mobile data and i think Cardano blockchain has like 10GBs.

Will try with the json file, let’s see if there is also active stake etc.

The ledger state command should be invoked with ----testnet-magic and --mary-era parameters I think.

You are right sorry!

cardano-cli query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 --mary-era --out-file ledger.json

If you share me your pool id I can delegate to you. Such that you can see if your pool produce blocks.


Yep, thanks, actually I’ve just received 100million test ADA on my staking address. So I don’t need any other stake. If you need any, tell me. But I believe I have to wait till the next epoch to start producing, will see.

Here is my pool id:


that is good.
yea it takes 2 snap shots until the live stake becomes active stake


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I just got a testnet pool up as well. Would be rad if anyone can delegate to me.


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I just started my Staking Pool on Testnet. If anybody can delegate some amount, It will helpful for me to try things on testnet first before I go on mainnet.

Pool ID: af0fefde1fe34fff3db39f4a04a6dc53723095c7cdf406657a225c7a
Pool Name: VIZ
Pool Address: pool14u87lhslud8l70dnna9qffku2derp9w8eh6qvet6yfw85r3c9mq
Link: Cardano PoolTool - The most comprehensive staking statistics for Cardano on the web.