Stakepool not visible on testnet

Dear fellow ada-lovers,

Whilst doing the stake pool course

I registered my stake pool on the testnet by submitting the certificate. I can find the transaction on the testnet:
Transaction ID


but I cannot find it on - testnet nor do the commands
cardano-cli shelley query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 | grep publicKey | grep
cardano-cli shelley query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 \

| jq ‘._delegationState._pstate._pParams.’

give a positive result

My poolID is supposed to be

What am I doing wrong?

thank you very much

Maybe metadata hash mismatch. Verify the hashes are equal:

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Btw I’m not aware of a testnet explorer? Tried looking up Daedalus Testnet but TEST is very common, couldn’t locate it.

But can you find the poolID?

It doesn’t have an option to look by pool id. Actually there is an online tool: Try looking it up there.

You’ve chosen a very common ticker and name :slight_smile:

I’ve followed the course :wink: and it says:

cardano-cli shelley query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 \

| jq ‘._delegationState._pstate._pParams.’

which should return a non-empty string if your poolID is located in the ledger. You can then head over to a pool listing website such as and (providing it is up and running and showing a list of registered stake pools) you should hopefully be able to find your pool in there by searching using your poolID, and subsequently claiming it (might require registration on the website) and giving it a customized name.

But thanks, I will look for it myself on the site that you’ve given me. :smiley: I’ll post it here when I know more

EDIT: on the site you provided, one can search the hash as well. It is not there.
When I stake ADA from my Daedalus wallet, I need to wait 2 epochs before I receive rewards. I “submitted” my certificate in epoch 159. Now we’re in 160. Could that be the issue?

Ok, if I try to do it again, from what point on would be a good idea?

Just the registering part? [register a pool with metadata] or should I start the node again with new keys or else?

If you run
cardano-cli query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 | grep publicKey
and skip the grepping of your pool ID, you’ll see that none of the entries contain pool. I just had this issue. It turns out there’s an “–output-format hex” flag you need to pass to get your ID.

export POOL_ID=cardano-cli stake-pool id –output-format hex --cold-verification-key-file cold.vkey
cardano-cli shelley query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 | grep publicKey | grep $POOL_ID

This mistake is found in the Submit the pool certificate and delegation certificate to the blockchain section of the stake pool course guide.

In addition to this error, there is no written documentation on how to create the cold keys and counter. One has to watch the video to find these steps. Also, the docker container doesn’t work as described. There are issues all over the place. I’m finding it very difficult to get this working, but I think I’ve finally done it. I wish the documentation were on github so I could submit pull requests for the wrong information and typos. e.g. shelley being included with all of the cli commands.

Also, the link to use to verify if it’s up is which results in a broken webpage.

This can also be discovered by following the coincashew tutorial:

The Coincashew tutorial is very detailed and easy to follow:

Thank you Kelly!

if I do what yo say:

$ cardano-cli stake-pool id --output-format hex --cold-verification-key-file cold.vkey

$ cardano-cli query ledger-state --testnet-magic 1097911063 | grep publicKey | grep edd8d55c835ab4a542ebe872c437cbb00e1a33ba91dd0bcb04560903
“publicKey”: “edd8d55c835ab4a542ebe872c437cbb00e1a33ba91dd0bcb04560903”,
“publicKey”: “edd8d55c835ab4a542ebe872c437cbb00e1a33ba91dd0bcb04560903”,

I just cannot find my pool on a testpool site, but I do get a non-empty return with the above command…

Thanks for update and quick reply, it’s work for me, really helpful and thankful response.

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Ok, as I appreciate it myself when a thread has a final answer:

I’ve found my pool on

with the information as indicated in the previous post. However, does not show the testpool.

Does that make sense?