Metadata hash mismatch, now corrected. 24h passed. How long before stake pool is visible in Daedalus?

Have registered the stake pool two days ago with a wrong metadata hash.
Corrected that yesterday. Metadata hash matches, 24h passed but stake pool still not visible in Daedalus.

What else should I do?

Stake pool id:

curl | jq

On yoroi ur pool is visible, u should wait more time… possible daedalus sync issues

If not u can open a ticket to daedalus support team

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it should pop up imediately. if not you can follow few tricks mentioned here:

Maybe you can up vote it, such that more people will find it useful.



Thank you. I had a typo in my pool metadata json file, that is I only submitted registration once because the correcting the typo change required changes on the webserver side. Not on the registration side.

With that said, the scripts that you are referring too are returning the same hash since yesterday because my webserver was updated. The question is how much more time will SMASH proxy need to include my stake pool in Daedalus.

That’s reassuring. Thank you. I take it’s just an issue how much longer does SMASH proxy needs to update its entries.

Hi maciejso, I have the same problem here. My metadata.json at the web server had a space (already fixed) giving me the “Hash mismatch from poolId” error, now the hash on both files are exactly the same. How long does SMASH server need to reprocess the reading? Or do I need to submit another registration? Cheers!

In my experience and had the pool details much quicker. Yoroi’s was next, the backend is Daedalus took the longest for me, about 24 hours.

what are the first two showing, are they correct?

you shouldn’t have to re-register unless the hash in the poolMetaDataHash.txt file your registered doesn’t match the hash of your .json on the website

Thanks KrakenStaking, cardanoscan already updated all metadata info but pooltool and adapools not yet. At pooltools I’ve got an empty ticker and description and on adapools I’ve got the previous ticker name and description. Pledge, fees and other info are already up to date.

Hopefully everything will be correct in the next 24 hours or so.


if it still is not working can you post your .json here? also what is your pool id?

Thank you. I got it working by reverting to the previous version of the metadata file. There were no blockchain changes needed.

I recently changed my pool metadata.json with extended metadata and saw metadata hash is not matching with registered metadata hash. I know, I need to re-register but if I don’t do right away, is there any issues?

Ticker issue, so u will can’t find the pool in daedalus or on if u will search by ticker

no issues…pool is visible in all places including daedalus. I am just worried for leaderslot which is scheduled tonight. do you see any issues to miss block with this?

Nope, no issues; metadata is for pool infos for daedalus or sites

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But it play important role in pool registration. I will re-register certificate post tonight. Don’t want to loose block :slight_smile:

Or u can restore the old metadata

was trying but no luck so far.

Why? Just delete what u added

What is the ticker?

yeah, doing it. Thanks for your quick response as always, Alex.