Pool ID changed after KES update

Not sure what exactly happened. Went to update KES, kept getting wrong kes start. Noticed all my relays had been down for about 1/2 the day which was throwing my block producer out of sync. Got the relays back up and everything synced. Got the proper KES and rotated it. Everything was up and running seeming like usual. TX counts were increasing etc… Today I went to check the leader log and noticed that my sigma had changed. Doing some snooping I found that my pool ID was different, it changed

from 12e4492617ac5590657d6a4eae3b86b7eea39b07a0b01b85c0d6f791
to 47135a2b11e9f21f25845da40aa6e924ba4e332b7cd5655f61a22989

Not sure what my options are here. Any insight would be helpful.

Is there a way to get the old pool ID back? I don’t have a 1:1 backup. I do have a cold copy of all the pool keys.

Will I need to retire the old ID and re register under the new ID?

Stupid mistake on my end, FYI, for anyone else that trips on their own chords… To get your original ID back, just run

cardano-cli stake-pool id --cold-verification-key-file $HOME/cold-keys/node.vkey --output-format hex > stakepoolid.txt

cat stakepoolid.txt

with your original pool node.vkey, If you try regenerating a pool ID from new pool keys, even from your existing pool it will give you a new ID every time, you must retain your original keys.

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