Different derivation paths for payment.addr and pool.addr in cardano-hw-cli


I am creating new keys for my pool using a HW wallet.

I found that in cardano-hw-cli docs, payment keys are created using: --path 1852H/1815H/0H/0/0

and stake keys are created using a different derivation path: --path 1852H/1815H/0H/2/0

Was that intentionally? Will I be able to see and transfer rewards using Adalite and a HW wallet since the derivation paths are different?

Did someone switched to HW wallet to store pledge and can share some instructions?

I got a confirmation that is it correct, because 1852H/1815H/0H/2/0 derivation path is reserved for the stake key.

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Yes, that’s fine. You can double check the derivation paths in ADAlite | Advanced with your Ledger connected to it.