Difficulty Purchasing ADA with USD in my Yoroi Wallet

Was very excited that we could use USD to purchase ADA via the Yoroi wallet, but when I try to put in an order by setting my preferences at USD for ADA, I get a red message saying “Unsupported Exchange Pair”. Can anyone help me understand what the issue is?

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I’m having the same problem. Afterward, I tried to purchase USD → ADA on changelly.com. On the changelly site, the same message appears for 3 exchanges: Simplex, Moonpay, and Banxa. I believe Yoroi is using changelly for such purchases. If this is correct, it may be that the Yoroi interface message is passing this error on-- an error originated by one of the above mentioned exchanges. Perhaps it has something to do with the day of week, or time of day, or both?

Hi, can confirm this same issue from OP, also, I cant seem to find ADA on the drop down list - hence the unknown exchange pair.

How to solve this?

The support chat of changelly mentions the ADA is currently under maintenance https://twitter.com/Changelly_team/status/1365730193307037697