Disconnect in the community

Because by its very nature of decentralisation there seems to be a mayhem in communication in regards to community decisions.

I don’t have all the answers nor do I claim it however there needs to be a central communication area for all key information regarding community decisions and the obvious place is this forum, a prominent category.

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As wide spread adoption happens there will be many areas other than the obvious Daedlus and Yori to store ada and thus causing a slight disconnect from the community.

Any suggestions?


A ‘news / annoucements / proposals / voting’ UI built in Daedalus would be nice. (After Voltaire)


How about use Twitter handle of Cardano Foundation to post the original announcement and everywhere else have bots cross post that announcement?

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Something simple, exactly like this page within the wallets and with the vote box would have been much better than the messy mechanisms made available. I wanted to vote and couldn’t. All available links would not work on my old Mac… and I am pretty sure that this type of issue was 1 of many factors affecting folks desire to vote that could’nt.

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