ITN vote - Lack of Publicty - Complaint to Cardano foundation

The ITN delegators vote was a flop by any rational persons standards. Total votes (1.49%):

I believe the reason for the limited amount of votes was predominently due to lack of publicity. Expecting the community to complete a vote within 3 days, without (arguably) any significant publicity is ambitious.
More recently there have been many other members complaining about how little publicity the jorvote ITN vote got.

As a community we shouldn’t have to read every Charles Hoskinson twitter post, and watch every Charles Hoskinson AMA on youtube to get important information such as this.

Even the Cardano official telegram group, where there are 12,000+ members, and which I rely on for news didn’t publicise this well. I don’t know who runs the telegram group, but it is generally a very good source of information. Much better even than the Official cardano forums.

I think The Cardano foundation should do a much better job keeping up and presenting news to the community. Isn’t that ultimately part of their role? Given the other members of the partnership are essentially engineers. If my assumptions are correct I don’t understand why this failed to be communicated in house, and advertised to the community as a whole. But I hope this is considered a mistake and something can be learned from it.


Actually, I even watched the TCE episode in which Rick and Phillipe had Charles and three stake pool operators. From that episode I did not gather that ITN delegators are voting over the weekend. I thought the CLI voting was meant for stake pool operators only. I did not see any communication to indicate that the app “jorvote” was available for ITN delegators to use. I was able to vote merely 4 minutes before epoch 197 ended. That’s because I just happened to watch Charles’ post about ‘voting mess’ and looked at the pattern of voting at

Yoroi has a note stating ITN rewards ended at epoch 190. How come there’s no note about the vote?

Well, this is a learning opportunity for the organizers of this vote. Telegram and Yoroi together could have reached a much wider base in the community.

However, the idea is great and of those who understood that they have to vote the vote is nearly unanimous Yes. I still feel that the idea is worth pursuing even without additional 95M ADA in rewards.


OK, we are good. Stakeholders were not expected to vote. The first vote by the end of epoch 197 was indeed for stake pool operators only.

It’s explicitly stated in this post An update on the ITN

That post states:
“This first vote is open to anyone with a testnet ada stake on the ITN.”
But the post isn’t that clear. And nothing has been communicated since.

I agree, this was a poorly executed process. Poor communications and no clear explanation about who, what, where, when, and how. Was this vote only for the Stakepools or everyone. Was Jorvote supposed to be used by Stakepool operators or ADA community. IOHK / Emergo this needs to be a learning lesson.

This paragraph from the post makes it very clear to me that the first vote is for stake pool operators. The second vote in July will be for ITN stake holders

This first vote is open to anyone with a testnet ada stake on the ITN. While we encourage EVERY stake pool to have their say at this point, ada holders are not required to vote in this first vote. This is purely optional; their say will come later on, in July (more on that in a moment).

I have been very active in Cardano news, but i still missed the voting.
But since you where forced to use your seed phrase to vote, i would not have voted anyway.


Seems like mistakes got learned from.
The latest news (the ITN balance check), was pinned in telegram, and a forum post created here in news/announcements.
The instructions very clear, and the software very smooth. Very impressive.

Such confusion and conflicting information and I hope lessons have been learnt and changes made in communication to the masses…
Totally conflicting information in one post “An Update on the ITN” as per attachment

I’m leaving this alone now and hoping that future communications are clearer, more factual, more operationally ‘action’ focussed, with less ‘academic waffle’ and all through one main Cardano channel, the channel of ADA truth…i.e. What do we need to do and how.
There has still been no communication in simple lay-mans terms on the Cardano Forum of the outcome of the vote and what it means for the future…ADA Vote conflicts in information.pdf (133.3 KB)