ITN rewards end this weekend. But we might just have an idea

The Rewards phase of the ITN is coming to an end. So, you may be asking… as an ada holder who has been delegating on the ITN testnet – via the dedicated Daedalus or Yoroi wallets that were created – what does this mean for me?

Well, the simple answer is that (yay) you’ve been earning ada rewards and (boo) that period is now coming to an end. To make the ITN as close to a ‘real world’ environment as possible, we offered real ada rewards to people delegating test ada on the network. And you’ll get duly credited back with those rewards as we get closer to Shelley on the mainnet this summer.

You don’t need to do anything right now, except accept our heartfelt appreciation. We’d like to thank everyone for their support of the ITN, which has proved to be an amazing proving ground for testing and development. As well as proof that Cardano has one of the most skilled and supportive communities in the blockchain space.

In fact, the ITN has proved to be such a useful thing that we’re looking at extending it a little longer…

For that, however, we need the support of the community.

So while the current rewards period is ending today, we are currently looking at submitting a proposal to the community towards the end of June, to keep the ITN running during July, until the mainnet hard fork happens, currently scheduled for the 29th July.

Our Jormungandr team – which operates in parallel and completely separately to the Shelley mainnet team – has a number of ideas they’d like to prototype and test. At IOHK, we feel this could be an excellent platform to do so. Maybe even an exploratory network to benchmark new features and innovations before integration to Cardano mainnet… but let’s not jump the gun.

At the time of writing, we have already started to explore this idea with our stake pool operator community. Discussions are already underway and we’re planning to put it to an on-chain voting proposal – an innovation in itself really!

But ultimately, this is a decision for our stake pool operator community. This is a decentralized network, so we need the support of the majority in order to keep the ITN alive. We’ll keep you posted. But if we do give it a bit longer, it may mean a few more rewards for you, the ada holder, too.

Nothing is locked down yet, but just stay tuned. As an ada holder, you don’t need to do anything right now. Once we get to Shelley on mainnet, you’ll be able to retrieve the ada rewards you’ve earned into your mainnet wallet whatever happens – none of that will change. We’ve been tracking those rewards throughout the ITN and in time, you’ll be able to transfer your rewards balance to your mainnet Shelley wallet. In fact, you may even get further rewards into July.

We’ll keep you up to speed on what is decided and if we set up a new rewards period for you to get involved in. Thanks as ever for the support and for being part of the ITN journey… so far?


Thank you for the update Tim.


Great and thnx! I’m just a delegator, but very interested in the further development of cardano mainnet and testnet.

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I really want the ITN to continue if it’s useful as a rapid prototyping platform. I’m just a delegator, no pool operator but I don’t care too much about 1 more month of rewards. Let’s use the ITN, it’s an amazing network. And I’m very excited for on chain voting :fire:.


Welcome Icarus (@ColdHandsCrypto) great to see you here

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I am thinking all stake pool operators hands on deck to vibrantly and robustly begin the Shelley Era. Once Shelley begins with a bang we can revisit the ITN. Stake pool operators like me have limited time and resources (hardware). I don’t want to siphon or divert it from Shelley. At least not while we are trying to launch Shelley.

Any experimentation on the ITN will inevitably benefit, and if successful, be applied to the Cardano mainchain.

But does the ITN specifically need to be giving rewards (and keep stakepools running) to be useful for the purpose of this experimentation?

If the answer is yes, then the questions are:

  • Is it worth the cost?
  • What is the cost? One+ month of rewards from future monetary pool

So the way i see it is simple,

  1. Every ADA holder should have a vote on to keep itn or not as it will effect them all.
  2. If it is to be kept we should have another snap shot let everyone know why and give everyone a chance to be part of it. Followed by an air drop and a 1 to 1 ratio air drop of ada to itn.
    This seems to be a fairest way if it is to move forward with the backing of the ADA and iohk teams. Other wise they should fund them self and Charles and IOHK should not give any support and let it die of grow by it self as a coin with nothing to do with ADA.

Now ITN node runners want to take more funds from Shelly mainnet, possibly for longer than month? That’s not right and unethical.
ITN pool operators should set up a voluntary donation system, like a gofundme instead.
Even if continuing the ITN might be brilliant idea, it is not right to fund it with ADA/ Anything which was previously supposed to be destined for mainnet ADA holders.

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Exactly the only way this can be possible is if their is a new snap shot and everyone who has ada now Get the same amount of ITN and get to reap the rewards it is not fair that they pay for a new coin but get no rewards out of it. If ITN Want to go! it alone with out ADA or IOHK that that is up to them but have nothing to do with ADA CArdano and not have the support from Charles. As i said i think the fairest option here is to do an airdrop and a new snap shot


I think the continuation of rewards in the form of mainnet ADA is problematic.

I’ve tried to lay out the argument in this other post ( Concerned over ITN and extended rewards ).

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