Do I need 0.1% of total supply to stake?

How many tokens do I need to stake ADA? On r/cardano I have read that I need at least 0.1% of total supply, is it true?

If it is not true, is it possible to stake on Raspberry Pi?

There’s a difference between staking and running a stake pool. You can stake any number of ADA and earn staking rewards. You don’t need to run a stake pool for that and you don’t need any hardware as long as you have your ADA in Daedalus or Yoroi (some other wallets also support staking).


As much as you can… there is no min… but if you want to create blocks on each epochs yeah… you will need to stake a high amount of ada ( or to atract delegators)

It ca run on pi with min 2 cpu 4g ram and hdd min 25-30g but a decent configuration will be 6 cpu with at least 8g ram and ssd over 50g