Do we have auto send coin on Cardano? automatic sending feature

Do we have auto send coin on Cardano?
I mean feature when you can set time for your coin to be sent automatically to a specific wallet you save in your setting. For example, it will send every month or every day setting amount of the coins you choose to be sent.

Smart contracts cannot actively do something on Cardano. The on-chain code are just validators deciding if a given transaction is okay to go through.

Someone™ could provide a service, though, which does these recurring transactions for you on a schedule. But I’m not aware of an existing one.

Also not aware anyone has done that, but it would also be possible to write a validator that lets the receiver withdraw based on a pre-determined schedule (but then the receiver would still have to actively do that, there’s nothing on the chain that automatically does it).

In both cases, you’d have to load that contract with enough ADA beforehand, so it’s not that useful perhaps.

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