Do you agree?

Hi, I am Quentin and I want to talk about mass adoption.
Cardano is a complicated project: full of academics, engineers, hard core technologies. It is not easy to understand and follow every step of the project. But we need mass adoption !

I am a software engineer (I was at Plutusfeist) and it was not easy to understand the goals of Plutus, Marlow or the cardano effect episode 8 (about 1.4 upgrade). So if we want (or need) mass adoption, don’t we need more “down to earth” contents like interviews with Charles at Beyond blocks or with Youtubers (Datadash, Crypto Candor, Boxmining,…). As a community, if we want to have more members, we need to talk about everyday people topics (S&P500, market, identity, money, weather, news, work, vote and all) and put some of Cardano magic words in the subject. I know that Cardano is amazing because I have seen all the videos and interviews but my dad, my best friend and my kids (7, 4 and 2 year old) have not. So how do I bring Cardano to them (especially my kids).

This is what I am working on. I want to be able to talk about everything and say that Cardano have a solution about it or that they are thinking about that (Marlow and Plutus are great examples). We can talk about the technology and all but if I want my mom to be interested about Cardano I have to talk to her about what Cardano is doing in Rwanda. Then I will explain to her why IOHK can’t do anything in Congo for now so that she will talk about it to her friends ect… Then it became a chain reaction where people want to know more about crypto and about Cardano.

I want to push Cardano in this direction, about what people understand and talk about everyday. So that they can keep talking about it to their friends and add Cardano in the talk.
But what do you think ? Do you agree ?


Hi check out this video it may give you some ideas. Let us know what if anything people respond to so we can try it.


Hey I got this video on my watch later list. It is a great video, I used it for a conference on blockchain.
Thanks for the response.

Charles’ Ted talk is a really good one also to get people to care.i think we are going to see IOHK work on some really cool stuff this year which will be easy to point to for non technical people. John O’Connor mentioned a blockchain project tracking food shipments for the WHO in Africa for instance. In Charles’ last AMA he mentioned creating a product to help content creators get funding similar to a decentralized Patreon.

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