Idea to promote adoption

Not sure if I should place this into the “random” category or “developers.”

In order to promote adoption of Cardano, is IOHK developing a sort of “Migrate to Cardano” client, specifically targeting tokens on the ethereum network? Once smart contracts are out of the testnet perhaps there can be a way for companies using ERC to migrate to Cardano. I understand this may be a very rudimentary approach and that “migration” entails potential complications but nonetheless I want people’s thoughts on this. Thanks!

I do think they are making migration as easy as possible especially with the KEVM client. That allows solidity code to run as is. Good idea to make specific "how to "material though. I’m definitely looking forward to the day when people can actually port projects over.


I personally like the idea of having a feature that let’s entities who no longer want to be on the ETH platform letting them be able to “migrate” and finding “refuge” in the land of Cardano. After all, Constantinople fell, right?

Especially (in the field of web browsing and profit of user data.)
if Brave browser decided to use BAT token along side Miss Lovelace.
(Which connects to your question of mass adoption. I like Brave and Bat, even though I don’t hold any Bat in my portfolio (I just don’t have the capital to create the portfolio I’d like to have. Newly married and the ball n chain wants a couch… yeah no argument there. We need a couch. I’ve built a mighty fine recliner out of boxes and plastic bins (that last bit of info is for you Mong-ino.). I’ve felt for a long time that we should get paid for our internet footprint and behavioral data, before the Myspace days even.

(This part is just a tad of ideas that can potentially cause adoption and name recognition. If not only saturation in different markets and audiences.)
-I love the fact that blockchain itself can be used for record keeping in the record keeping sector. I will leave that thought at just that for now.

-Throw in the world of videogaming, not Casino gambling, or Fortnight either
But some genuinely solid AAA type games and experiences can be fun for both kids and adults.
(I wonder how Disney 'imagineers could use VR/AR for guest experiences. -especially with all those superheroes, Sith, and Jedi walking around the Parks. Eventually they will need their own lands to probably. Don’t they also own the Studio Ghibli catalogue of films as well?

Cardano has so many bright -damn near blindingly bright- minds, with a great community behind it’s back -if not, directly side by side- trekking on a route that is leading them to a point where they can see that (don’t know how to end this post…) that math done correctly is not wrong, and math is everywhere.

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