Adoption Adoption Adoption

I have a very interesting experience while I shill PIGY Token. I have this PIGY Token Twitter account that I use for shilling PIGY token. As other new token I would like to introduce PIGY token to the world, and for that I try to get help from somewhat called “Social Media and Crypto Shiller”. After talking and negotiation, it comes the time to pay.
What surprise me is

  1. 2 out of 10 don’t know what is Cardano. (I said that Cardano is Rank 3/4/5 in CMC and give them the link of CMC).
  2. Almost all of them didn’t accept Cardano at first place. (I teach 1 of them to download YOROI wallet and use it because the rest is reject it, 1 is borrowing his/her friend Cardano Wallet)
  3. Most of them know Cardano as BEP2 or BEP20 Cardano, When I said that is not real Cardano, they ask me which one is the real Cardano. I said the real one and only one, I try to explain what I know, but, no luck. They only know the BEP2 or BEP20 Cardano.

What I learn from this experience is that, this is very ironic. Cardano is one of the best crypto out there (have more then 100 paper), but people who use crypto for their payment system, doesn’t know it at all. Then the more I thinking, if they (the market) doesn’t know about Cardano, what is the good of having such good product and nobody use it.

What I expect from this experience is Cardano’s whole team effort. I believe IOHK, CF, Emurgo, already do their best to develop Cardano until this point. Sure, there is some problem here and there. But, they’ll fix it.
Now, us, as Cardano community, I know that many of us buy Cardano as investment (never sell, hold forever, etc). We need to think the other way around, besides only invest, probably we can also use it. Not, for big thing. Just small thing, like buying a t-shirt, hat, buying service online or maybe just as simple as giving a tip.
By doing this, the first question from the receiver is “What is Cardano?” and there is first awareness of Cardano. You might not be successfull at first attempt, then he/she will hear again from other people. After 2-3 people talking about Cardano, he/she will realize that Cardano is exist and it will growth exponentially. The more crowd the better.
I really hope someday Cardano will be the Nike of Cryptocurrency.

*This is not financial advise, only sharing my experience and my thought about Cardano.