Documentation how to create ADA NFTs?

Long-time holder here who decided to go a step further. :ada:

Is there any documentation on how to create NFTs using ADA?

Also what resources can you recommend to start learning how to code on Haskell?

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As far as I can tell, the Cardano Developer portal is the best place to get this information right now.

For Plutus, which is not active on mainnet yet, check out Writing basic forging policies — Plutus Platform 1.0.0 documentation

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I would also appreciate some good training on how to use Plutus, about smart contracts and everything you need to make full use of smart contracts. I always wanted to learn haskell, but never had good motivation to start playing with it until now. I will begin with learning Haskell and see where I go from there. I would pay for a good training on how to use Cardano ecosystem. Pluralsight has already some courses on Blockchain and I am sure they would host such trainings. I hope people have the time and motivation to create them.

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@Ovidiu_Badita I am curious, what would you be willing to pay for the following training

  • A book explaining how to use Plutus & Marlowe
  • An online Mooc explaining how to use Plutus & Marlowe
  • One-on-one training with an experienced Plutus developer


@robcohen I payed subscriptions to learn all kinds of things… I expect the price to be reasonable as it is for any other thing you would want to learn to become a dev in any field. The book could be 50-70$, the online training could be around 200$. It can be more and I would probably still buy it… it would need to be convincing. The one-on-one can be anything… depending on how long it lasts and what it involves. I would probably be fine with 80-100$/hour.
If you plan to do such training programs, you should not base your prices on my opinion. When I focus on something I want to learn, I try to find all the resources I need and a lot of the time I overpay, but you will probably want to price stuff in a way that would make people use your materials.

Thanks for your response, it’s useful to know. I’m running a meetup and I’ll likely generate some content as a result. It’s useful to know what someone like yourself would be willing to spend for the content.

This Catalyst proposal might be interesting to you all…


@robcohen If the content you create is of good quality, I will buy. Maybe not right when you release it, because I need to fit my budget and time, but I want to learn.

@robcohen did you ever release that course?